Testimonials of our Cleaning Services

“Monika, Thank you so much!! The office was soooo clean (house too). It really relieves a lot of stress for me to have someone I trust, cleaning and doing such a good job.”


“We have been so happy with Monika’s EcoCleaning Solutions that we wish to send a note of appreciation. Monika’s staff is excellent in every way. They are very familar with our home and keep it neat and clean at all times. We have pets that shed and are so pleased that the little messes animals can make are always handled beautifully by Monika’s employees.

Very importantly, it is a pleasure to work both with Monika and her staff. Her employees are always on time and get to work immediately. They seem very mature to us. Our home is very quiet because we have an ill family member. Monika’s employees do a wonderful cleaning job and are a pleasure to have in the house. They are also very respectful about not being on a cell phone while cleaning because it’s important for our home to be very serene.

We feel so fortunate to have Monika in our lives and are so grateful that she employs only conscientious, well-mannered, thoughtful employees.”

Patricia Schroeder / Spinnaker Bay

“When being ‘buff’ just isn’t enough…”

Flexx Personal Training

Dear Monika, I am happy to write a testimonial to your great service. You may remember that when I first took over the office suite, you had been the cleaner for the previous tenants. My colleagues and I noticed how clean the office was after one of your visits. Nevertheless, in order to try and save a little money, we switched to a national cleaning company. My colleagues and I quickly noticed that we could never tell when the cleaners had been there or not! There was never a noticeable difference. And so, we decided to switch back to using your services, and we are always very pleased to come into the office and find it very noticeably cleaner after one of your visits! I can tell that you take a lot of pride in your business and in providing great service. I wish you every success in your business ventures.”

Erik Edler, MFT

“Monika has worked for me cleaning 4 different vacation rentals since the inception of my business. It can be very demanding and situations can change on a dime. But no matter, Monika has always come through for me. She is dependable, thorough and very conscientious. She has ‘rescued’ me several times when I had emergencies or just needed sudden, unplanned situations solved. She is always available to me and makes every effort to satisfy me and my tenants. I consider her my “right arm” and credit her for much of my repeat business. My clients KNOW what to expect when they are in one of my properties, and what they get is CLEAN!”

Nancy Beck, Realtor