Chemical Free Cleaning System

Gen Eon Chemical Free

As scientists and engineers create new ways to recycle waste, heat our homes, and fuel our cars, a new technological breakthrough has created a powerful and renewable cleaner with just one sustainable ingredient–water. Sound like something you’d find in a science-fiction book? You’re more likely to find it in a history book. No poisonous chemicals, no harmful side effects, less waste, and a forever positive effect on the environment. We at EcoCleaning Cleaning are very excited to be able to offer this chemical free cleaning system to our existing customers no additional cost. Why? Because we believe we have found a truly revolutionary cleaning system that will enable us to help create a safe and sanitary environment for you… our customers!

The upside to this technological breakthrough is immense.

Millions of bottles of waste will be eliminated through this technology. No longer do families, schools and hospitals need to jeopardize health for immediate cleanliness. The environment will thrive without toxic chemicals.


When used as directed, this chemical free cleaning system
kills more than 99.9% of:
  • E. coli
  • E. coli O157:H7
  • Listeria
  • MRSA
  • Pseudomonas
  • Salmonella
  • Staph
  • VRE
  • Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza A virus

These products do not cause harm to skin, eyes, or when ingested or inhaled, and do not carry any chemical- related health warning labels. They are a great multi-surface
Cleaner, using renewable water, reducing the waste of plastic bottles and replacing many of the dozens of products you may already use.

The future is here.

We are proud to announce that we are now Long Beach most advanced Chemical FREE cleaning company. Experience the phenomenon that will revolutionize cleaning forever.


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